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We live in a society where this thing of low self-worth is such a prevailing issue. Way too many people have have low self-esteem and regard themselves in such a lowly manner because they do not know their worth, and they allow other people to define their worth.

One way, if not, the biggest reason for someone to have low self-worth is rejection. Maybe they've never felt loved or accepted by others, they've been abandoned, they never fit in, etc, and they convince themselves that it's because there's something wrong with them. But here's what I want you to know;

Rejection is not a reflection on you, its a reflection on them.

Your worth doesn't dwindle because you got dropped. When you walk into a store and you see an item you like, you pick it up. If its really expensive and out of your price range, you drop it and pick up something cheaper. Dropping the more expensive item doesn't devalue it in anyway, it just means you don't have enough of what it takes to be able to afford that item. It may be money-wise (it's out of your price range), or desire wise (you don't like it enough to spend on it). Either way, you dropping that item, comes from a place of your own lack. The item's value doesn't go down just because you don't like it enough and can't afford. It's value stays the same and someone else who can afford it will pick it up.

You need to stop beating yourself over people that walked out of your life, and relationships that never worked out. Not everyone is meant for you, and not everyone can afford you.

Here is a quote I really like;

"Value doesn't beg. A Rolce Royce ain't gonna go on sale just 'cuz you can't afford it. You gon have to come up on your coins if you want to get it. A Rolce Royce gon make you come up to get it. It won't come down to get you." - Cornelius Lindsey

A wise person knows their worth, and a wiser person knows how and when to remove themselves from people and situations that try to devalue them.

Don't let anybody make you feel less than. Don't let anybody devalue you.

In the wise words of Viola Davis,

You is kind You is smart You is important

You are somebody. Love yourself. Be good to you.

You matter.


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