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Bad Friends: Your Friends Secretly Hate you

I saw a post that said that some of your friends secretly hate you, and I felt it in my soul. I've had some people that I considered bestfriends do some snake things that I did not see coming at all.

Not everyone is your friend. And those who call themselves your friends, some of them may secretly harbor hate or resentment against you for nothing.

Be careful who you call your friend, who you open up to, who you share your life with, your secrets with, etc. You may just be sharing your deepest darkest secret with your enemy.

In these videos, I share my story plus other people's experiences with best friends that turned out to be Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

You have to be very careful and discerning how you pick your friends. The people that enter your life to stay will make or break you. Pick wisely. Choose wisely.


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